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Ian and his wife to be, Kaye at the Kelmscot home of Ian's parents, Stella and Ted. This was always a place for family members to meet on most special occasions and any party was  brought to life by Ian's sense of humour.

Ian was often here helping with things around the house. If ever there was anything that needed some attention, Ian was always there without a word of complaint.

Ian and Kaye


Ian's Harley

The Harley that Ian loved. Ian had a long history of motorcycles, the first of the line was a Honda 750 Four in the year that it came out. From there he had a number of bikes with the Harley being the last in the line. The first ride he had on the Harley was with his friend and I through the twisting back streets of the infamous "Nedlands Run", a series of streets that followed the bank of the Swan River through the Perth suburbs of Nedlands and Dalkeith. It was an interesting ride to sort out the bugs of a new bike but he never forgot that ride. At least he never let me forget it (ouch).

Parting words from Ian's brother Barry...

Thank you all for coming,

Everyone here knew Ian in one way or another -- he was a son, a brother, a father, a partner and a mate -- and many shades in between.

Knowing him as we do, I think we'd all agree that he would tell us all to stop being silly, have a drink for him and get on with it. He was that sort of a bloke -- he lived his life without asking for approval and if you had a problem with that, then that's what it was, your problem. If you took him as he came, you had someone who would do anything for you, lend a hand any time and if there was a beer in it at the end of the day, well good, he'd enjoy that with you too.

Thinking back, the images flash by of things we did, usually spaced by long intervals because he moved around a bit and I guess it was taken for granted that life would just go on.

I suppose if we could, we would all choose to go out quickly and in this regard Ian's choice was granted, but I know this: if he's down there, the Devil's tearing his hair out and if he's up there, God is rolling his eyes and wondering what are we going to do with this one.

Goodbye Ian, from all of us.

Loving words from Ian's mother...

It was March, 1952. I was pregnant and taken to hospital, my baby was born dead. I was sick, so very sick for weeks, then the Doctor told us that medically nothing more could be done for me, there was only one thing that would get me back on my feet - get pregnant again, so I did and in March 1953 my darling Ian was born.

You were the most beautiful baby God ever put breath into Ian, everyone admired and doted on you, people would stop me in the street just to look at you, Nanna Mac told me that God had given me such a beautiful baby to make up for the one he had taken but no-one told me, Ian, that He had only loaned you to me for 43 years, and only too soon those years came to an end.

God took your hand and made us part,
He closed your eyes and broke our heart,
We could not say our last farewell,
For you were gone before we could tell.
A special smile - a special face,
A special person we could not replace,
To some you're just a memory,
To others just a name.
But Ian you meant the world to us,
And it will never be the same.
If tears could build a stairway,
And memories build a lane,
We'd walk right up to Heaven,
And bring you back again.


I love you, Ian, my son