There is nothing that can compare to the sensation of pushing a modern superbike to the limits, at least nothing you can get into a computer simulation. But if you are not one of the world's elite group of professional motorcycle racers, then this game provides the visual spectacle of being in the middle of a superbike race with the addition of letting you interact heavily with the action. You choose the line, you choose when to brake and when to accelerate and try to do it better than anyone else on the track.

If you have not yet tried Superbike 2001 then the images on this page may inspire you to get the program and start racing. If you have the game but can't get the bike to do what you want it to, then please browse my notes on the tracks and the images of the action taken from my own races. I hope they help you get moving.


Laguna Seca

Second last turn at Laguna Seca, leading a race of 25 bikes at pro level and cutting the turn as close to the ripple strip as you will ever get.

About the only way to ride Laguna Seca if you want to win is to do it aggressively. You can win a single-lap race on this track from the back of a 25-bike starting grid at pro level but not on your first attempt. Every track should be learned by doing 50 laps in training mode so you know every turn and every bump. Don't cut your training short just because you think you know. Do those 50 laps before you even get near a race.

Once you know the circuit, then it is time to start threading your way between the other bikes. Work on them one at a time and get to know what they are likely to do in any given situation. Once you understand what the rest of the field is going to do, you can start planning your race strategy. Remember, the race generally goes to the rider who can brake later and accelerate sooner but above all, Keep It Smooth...

Download the replay of a one-lap win at Laguna Seca
Unzip to:
C:\Program Files\EA Sports\Superbike 2001\Replays
then from the program load the replay "sandpit in one"


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